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Little Krishna

शनिवार, 20 जून 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

Little Krishna’, the maiden high-end 3D animated TV Series from BIG Animation, a Reliance Big Entertainment Group Company, is all set to take the center stage after its launch on Nickelodeon on 11th May, 2009. The 13-episode series is a co-creation between BIG Animation and The Indian Heritage Foundation (promoted by ISKCON Bangalore). The show boasts of world class & never-seen-before quality of animation on Indian TV screens. Little Krishna debuts on Monday, May 11th exclusively on NICK, India’s leading kid’s entertainment channel. Since the content can be enjoyed by one and all in the family, the series will be aired at four time slots – 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm, for the kids; 3:00 pm for the housewives and 9:30 pm for the working members of the family. Each episode delivers 23 minutes of enthralling entertainment, showcasing an amalgamation of both, the lighter humorous antics of Krishna as well as his prowess as a warrior. Using the traditional tales of Krishna’s childhood adventures as a foundation for morally inspiring children’s entertainment, the tonality of the stories is light-hearted, energetic and gripping.
Based on the chronicles of the most beloved prankster Little Krishna, the series is an outcome of seven years of research with two and half years of production work by BIG Animation. Scripted by Emmy Award winner Jeffrey Scott and researched by India Heritage Foundation, the series has a visual style, which combines Indian design motifs with classical Western styles. BIG Animation CEO Ashish Kulkarni shared, “The design team at BIG Animation has left no stone unturned in researching every style aspect of the land of ‘Vraj’, where these stories took place 5000 years ago. The backgrounds, art direction, color keys and all other elements of detailing were thoroughly researched upon, unearthing every possible reference and finally deciding on the designs that will suit the contemporary formats.” The series has been primarily created in English, but it has also been dubbed in several other Indian languages, including Hindi. Though it is primarily targeted at the age group of 7-9 years and for the global market at that, on the whole the series will be a family entertainer. Under the able leadership of Prafull Gade (Associate Producer), who diligently married economics with creativity and Ravi Mahapatro (Line Producer) who was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, the series was scripted by Emmy Award ® winner Jeffrey Scott. A team of 280 artists have worked on this project which is being directed by the tag team of Vincent Edwards who has earlier worked on Spider Man: TV Series and R. Balasubramaniam while the music has been given by Varaprasad. The series will explore a lot of very interesting stories beyond the popularly known ones from the life of Krishna, ones that have never before been presented to the audience, thus ensuring a truly superior and exclusive content.
One of the leading and fastest growing animation studios in India, BIG Animation has established and tested pipelines for Design & Pre-production, 2D, 3D and Post-Production. With one of the finest IT backend setup, running on AMD Opteron 64 Bit Quad Core Processors and Foundry Big Iron RX laying the bedrock for its network, the studio boasts of infrastructure, technology and creativity that matches Global standards of deliveries. With the right blend of expertise in traditional as well as modern technical skills and exceptional artistic and managerial abilities, the studio is creating the next-generation animation, from ‘ideation-to-script’, and ‘script-to screen’, all under one roof.

Source: CG India.
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